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Max Colwell O.A.M.

10/10/1926 - 14/11/2012

This site has been created to access the available published works of the Australian author Max Colwell OAM  and to learn about his life and accomplishments.

Due to a recent resurgence in interest in his more popular titles, his son David Colwell has decided to reprint copies and provide them for direct sale. The titles on this website are only available from Max Colwell Publications and are not available in book-stores.

From a total of 35 titles of non-fiction and fiction plus numerous radio plays and short stories that were written by Max Colwell over his long career we have selected eight of his most popular titles to be re-released to the public. The number will be extended in the future.

Max Colwell was one of the first self-published authors in Australia in 1975 and has always had an interest in helping aspiring writers with their careers. To continue that commitment I have included titles from other worthy self-published authors.

We have endeavoured to provide these books at the lowest possible price which includes postage. You may place any orders by phone or email stating the title and quantity and most importantly your mailing address. Please forward your cheque or money order to the address listed below. All cheques and money orders should be made i.f.o. David Colwell. Please be aware that we are unable to accept credit cards. For those clients living in Adelaide you may wish to pick up your order personally and/or pay cash, postage free.

Please note that all orders for Allen Lyne's books should be directed to Allen via his website or email. You may view his books and follow the links from his page.

Explore the links below to view the available books, an autobiographical page on
Max Colwell, and an interesting picture gallery of places and people from the past which inspired the characters portrayed in the works of Max Colwell.



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